The Encompass team is always seeking creative and impactful ways to develop your practice, supervisory and leadership skills.  Did you know we now offer ‘walking supervision’ where individual professional supervision (for human services workers, managers and leaders) is conducted during a gentle stroll outdoors?  This new initiative has been welcomed enthusiastically by our clients, who report a lift in their mood and increased clarity when pondering work challenges while walking outside.  The benefits to the brain from being in nature are well-documented and we know that walking not only boosts blood supply to the brain but puts the whole of the body to work in processing emotions and thoughts. Experienced Encompass consultants, Chris, Norelle and Paula have found that people really look forward to their supervision, finding the walking session an excellent way to change up thinking. If this sounds like it might be for you, contact us at to find out more!


What are people saying about ‘walking supervision’ with Encompass?


A Senior Team Leader from a busy Child Safety Service Centre in CYJMA:

 Chris offered me walking supervision for our first session, which appealed to me as I value my fitness and look for opportunities to be active at every opportunity. She then shared the neurological benefits of combining movement with reflection, and I was sold! I now look forward to our monthly jaunt, where I can unpack my experiences, emotions and thoughts, conscious that our walk is often directed by the pace my mind is moving at. I always finish with a few clear tasks to action, some clarity to my thoughts and a sense of calm that sticks around for the rest of the day. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make their supervision experience a whole body wellbeing exercise.

A Team Leader (Family Support) from a large non-government organisation:

 When face to face supervision could not go ahead due to Covid restrictions Encompass offered me online or walking sessions (which could allow for social distancing). I was keen to give the walking sessions a try and it turned out to be a great experience. We would take different routes around a beautiful walking track and sometimes stop off at the café for a take away coffee. During one session we sat at a park bench to read something that I had brought to show my supervisor.

Being able to connect in person with my supervisor was very important for me and the walking sessions offered a safe option for this to continue during lockdowns. I found that the sessions were equally valuable to sitting at a table or desk. The outdoor environment was very refreshing and always different and I found that walking side by side and talking allowed for very meaningful conversations to occur. After restrictions eased I still opted for walking and outdoor supervision over meeting indoors. I appreciated the flexibility and creativity that was offered during the pandemic and think walking sessions are a great option to consider.