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Case services

The Encompass team includes highly skilled child protection practitioners with many years experience responding to complex case issues within a statutory context.

We have a well-developed understanding of the legislative and policy frameworks within which statutory services are provided which means we can help practitioners from different agencies – government and community-based – understand decision-making frameworks and processes across both sectors.

Our philosophy is that respect and relationship underpin meaningful work with families, children and young people, and carers.  We also understand that working in this way is not easy when families are affected by one or more highly complex issues such as domestic and family violence, homelessness, substance abuse or mental health issues.  When difficult decisions must be made about how best to meet the safety and well-being needs of children and young people, we can help.

Encompass offers:

  • expert case consultation
  • complex case reviews
  • case mentoring to case workers, team leaders and managers
  • family assessments
  • time-limited in-home work with carers and/or families.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.