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Professional Development

External supervision

  • One-off, time limited, and ongoing external professional supervision for workers in government and community-based agencies
  • Group professional supervision to assist workgroups with team functioning or practice related matters
  • In-house or in an external setting, as fits the purpose and nature of the supervision
  • Group or individual tutorials to consolidate training activities

We can offer individual professional supervision by telephone or video call (eg. Skype video calls) across Queensland.  This flexible delivery works well for busy professionals everywhere, but particularly for those in regional, rural or remote communities.


  • Mentoring of workers new to their position (eg. team leader or manager) is an Encompass specialty.  External mentoring helps workers reflect on their work and progress in a structured and purposeful way.
  • We offer leadership coaching and development to newly promoted workers in recognition that supervisory and management roles require more than being a “team player” – being a good manager and leader requires some different skills.  We can work with you to get this right.


Exposure to critical incidents and vicarious trauma are part and parcel of working in child and family welfare and community services.  At times professional self-care or organisational duty of care to workers suggest that external de-briefing with a professional who understands the demands and impacts of this work is necessary.  Similarly, workers and teams experiencing ongoing stress and worker burn-out can benefit from time spent with an external facilitator considering approaches to stress management.

Contact us to discuss you or your organisation’s professional development needs.