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Program development

Program design

Effectively meeting client needs and delivering positive, planned outcomes relies on good, evidence-based program design. Since you established your program or service, funding changes, service expansion or the desire to trial an innovative program response may indicate the need to review your program design or logic.

Encompass can assist by working with you and your stakeholders – clients, staff, management, funding body, other service delivery partners – to develop or review a program or service logic model, program structural design or business plan and supporting budget.

Policy development

Supporting organisations and programs with easily-understood policies and procedures is at the heart of consistent, good practice. Encompass is expert at analysing policy and practice issues affecting child and family welfare and community services. We specialise in policy and procedures development and have worked extensively with many large, small, Indigenous, multi-cultural, mainstream, government and non-government child and family welfare and community services agencies to develop specific policies and procedures.

Embedding child-safe, child-friendly policies and procedures

Being a child-safe, child-friendly organisation takes focussed effort. Staff and volunteer awareness about children’s rights to protection, their responsibilities and adherence to procedures is required to:

  • prevent opportunities where children and young people could be exposed to harm
  • ensure effective, timely responses when staff become aware of, or suspect, harm to a child or young person associated with the organisation.

Are you compliant with legislated requirements or do you need help to develop a child protection risk management strategy? Would management and staff benefit from targeted risk management training? Encompass has worked with many organisations to develop child-safe policies and procedures and is expert at delivering workshops for staff and management to help implement them.

Quality assurance – HSQF standards and licensing

Quality assurance is another area in which Encompass has extensive experience. We can:

  • help with compliance audits against service standards and for consistency of policies and procedures across organisational programs
  • audit and develop your policy framework to ensure it fits with the Queensland Human Services Quality Framework standards and licensing requirements
  • help management and staff with compliance with ‘Child Safety’ licensing requirements.
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