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Evaluation and review

Encompass has worked with many agencies – government and non-government, large and small, Indigenous and non-Indigenous – across the community, youth, homelessness, women’s, family support and child protection sectors, to design and undertake evaluations and service reviews.

The purposes of evaluations and reviews differ – the team at Encompass will work with you in a highly consultative way to meet your needs. We are experienced in conducting process, formative and summative evaluations. We draw on current research about good practice to analyse findings and develop practical recommendations. You’ll be presented with a constructive, user-friendly report.

Encompass evaluation and review services include:

  • independent program or organisational reviews
  • reviewing the service logic of current or planned programs
  • gathering and analysing data from a range of sources
  • needs analyses
  • literature reviews.

Action learning

An action learning approach to implementing new programs or strategies, for internal or inter-agency processes, can focus on ‘what works’ and promote on-the-job reflection to ensure a flexible and responsive approach to meeting client need. We can guide and facilitate the action learning process, and help refine practice as learnings are identified.

Performance measurement

Need assistance to develop meaningful performance measures? We can work with you to develop a performance measurement framework which not only meets reporting requirements but, importantly, assists you to monitor progress, determine whether expected outcomes are being achieved, and make timely specific adjustments to ensure results.

Targeted research

Understanding and applying current research is fundamental to good practice in working with children, young people, families and communities. The Encompass team keeps up-to-date with emerging evidence bases for practice. We know exactly where to start when you need a literature review or a discussion paper with structured consideration of a specific topic.

Our services also include designing research strategies for your specific data or information needs. Having meaningful data is particularly important when you are planning a new program or need to demonstrate your success to the funding body and other stakeholders.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

For examples of our work, see Reports and Papers and Our Clients